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A Real Gem of an Idea


No matter the size, shape or age of a home, the kitchen is one of its most important gathering places. Families rally in the kitchen to make celebratory meals, to share breakfasts, to socialize and cleanup.

Kitchen countertops support the most impassioned vegetable chopping. Sinks cradle the dishes from feasts to tiny meals alike. Faucets wash the day’s dirt off the family’s hands. Cabinets hold precious china, everyday silverware and the ingredients for all your loved ones’ meals.

At Emerald Kitchens & Design, we know your kitchen is a vital part of your home. For over 20 years, we have enjoyed designing and installing fashionable, functional kitchens for every type of residence. As our reputation for reliability continues to grow, so does our level of customer satisfaction. We provide sound experience and fair prices for your kitchen project. Our aim is to give you the highest value of products and services, possible.

Our professional sales staff will work with you across design stages, through adapting elements to fit budgets and onto final installation. Once the project is complete, we continue to service our workmanship and are available for any needed follow-up.

At Emerald Kitchens & Design, we know how to do the job right. Kitchens are our passion and are what we do better than anyone.


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