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Design Expertise

Throughout every step, our in-house designers are crucial to the design and renovation process. They work directly with clients from the initial concept stage to job completion. Our designers are with you all the way and are available when needed. Give us a call to initiate a discussion and get things off to a good start.

Getting Started Aid Sheet (Click here to view or print)

Following are some helpful steps worth noting:

Step 1: Planning is a key part of the renovation project. We suggest you have some understanding of what you are looking for before initiating the process.(see Getting Started Aid Sheet above)

Step 2: Once you have an idea on the products preferred and a general budget of what you intend to spend, visit our showroom to talk with a kitchen designer. Shortly afterwards, the same designer will meet with you in your home to take measurements and discuss details. They will ask specific questions concerning your lifestyle, preferences, tastes and what you feel is essential. If major construction work is required, an Emerald construction manager will join the designer for an on-site meeting. By taking all information into consideration a unique design plan specific to your needs can be developed. Quite often, clients are surprised by the amount of work designers do in order to prepare a proper plan and price estimate. The Emerald team is very thorough and strives to provide the best choices and options. The entire process takes roughly a week until a preliminary plan is complete.

Step 3: Our designer will make an appointment with you to review the plan and pricing. Keep in mind the initial design plan is only a starting point based on information the designer has gathered. Generally clients will fine-tune details of the plan with the designer and look at different options available.

We strongly suggest you allow enough time to adequately plan your project. The more you learn, the more
questions and choices can be presented.

Step 4: After the design plan is finished, colour choices for cabinets, countertops, flooring, backsplashes and so
on, will need to be selected. Also, product choices for sinks, faucets and pulls can be determined.
The design process is now complete!

Note: On average, allow 4-10 weeks for delivery of cabinets after the design plan and selections have been finalized.
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